11 April 2002 - regarding the purple guy

Yes he is a sidekick of sorts. He actually started off as a little clay scupture that I have in my living room and evolved into a website mascot. He is looking perplexed because he thinks it's silly that I'm dressing him up as a cowboy. He's more reluctant than the boy who kinda goes along with the whole thing.

Is there a SECRET map in his hat? Perhaps, but I didn't put one there. If there is one, it would be his own which he stashed in there for safe keeping. It is probably a SECRET map to cheese, his favorte food. Which would be hard to find since the whole planet that they are on is that cheesy orange color. Hmmm, that sounds like the beginning of a story we could pitch to Ed.

Oh and he never got hit in the head. That's just what he looks like. Maybe he's just confused as to how to put on the hat with that knob on his head. He eventually figures it out though (see animation section).

Ok, I'm going to eat my yummy lunch now. I got some subgum eggplant from a nearby foodtruck. What did you have for lunch? Ted

11 April 2002 - purple guy

hey ted, who's the purple sidekick guy (I'm assuming he's the sidekick)? What is he looking at? Does he have a SECRET treasure map hidden in his cowboy hat?? The two look like they're lost or something...Did he get hit in the head recently??

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